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Quit Smoking Now!

The Clean Break Quit Smoking Program was developed by Diane Zimberoff - The Wellness Institute.
(Modifications of the program has been conducted by Xanthi Zafiri)

Take action now and free yourself from your unwanted habit of smoking with these life changing hypnotherapy sessions! Your body is not meant to smoke. Your body is meant to live a clean and free life.
Give yourself that chance today!

$99 Album includes a four week program:
-Week 1 Quit Smoking (mp3)
(Creating the Resource State of a Non-Smoker)
-Week 2 Quit Smoking (mp3)
(Creating the Tool-Box)
-Week 3 Quit Smoking (mp3)
(Change Focus and Breathe)
-Week 4 Quit Smoking (mp3)
(Maintaining a Healthy Weight after Quitting
& Healing your Inner Child)

-Quit Smoking Workbook (pdf)
-Two (2) Online Support Sessions with Xanthi Zafiri

-Gift - One Custom Hypnotherapy session just for you on a topic of your choice. 

You may purchase each "Clean Break - Stop Smoking Now" Hypnotherapy session, alone for $14.99

Instant MP3 download!

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