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Xanthi Zafiri

Holistic Psychotherapist - LPC - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Meditation/Yoga Facilitator

     Your life has become more and more demanding, leaving no space for you to breath, to relax, to feel. Unexpectedly you face many challenges that may cause you stress, anxiety, insomnia, fears etc. You may find yourself giving in to your addictions to ease the pain. Whatever it is you are struggling with, I can help you through Holistic Therapies.

Contact me and I will help you overcome your life's challenges.
Sessions can be conducted in ENGLISH or GREEK.

    Be well



Hypnotherapy over Skype

Skype id: xanthizafiri

Personal Session (By Appointment Only)
21660 W. Field Parkway

Deer Park, Illinois 60010

001 847 660 4324

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What is Skypnotherapy?

     Skypnotherapy is simply a hypnotherapy session performed over skype.

You may be living in an area where there are no practicing therapists. Or the commute is too long. Or maybe your therapist moved to another city and you wish to continue with him/her. Finally you may simply just want to be in the comfort of your home.

What ever the case may be Hypnotherapy over Skype can help you in the exact same way as a personal hypnotherapy session.

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