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Healing comes from Within

Meet Xanthi

Holistic Pcyshotherapist LCPC, PhD(c)

You'll usually find me catching waves on a paddleboard with my sweet dog Bella or wandering through mountain trails, losing myself in the embrace of nature that encapsulates the beauty of our island home. Even though I try to unplug and distance myself from the buzz of technology, I recognize its value in keeping a strong connection with my patients from any corner of the earth. This tranquil space I carve out for myself isn't just my personal haven; it's a source of tranquility that I carry into each session, helping to foster a serene and peaceful atmosphere for my patients.

White Sands

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Xanthi has a warm, understanding nature that puts me at ease instantly. I leave each session feeling lighter and more hopeful.

- Amy S.

I was completely lost after I lost my husband. Xanthi helped me find peace in the chaos. Her guidance has been a beacon of light in my life.

Carrie M.

Xanthi always makes me feel heard and valued. Her expertise has been pivotal in my journey to wellbeing. She is like no other therapist I know.

Sam F.

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The Wellness Chronicles

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